Use QR codes for Guest Registration

QR code wristband

Check in

Running events can be time-consuming. The check-in process can also be annoying for the attendees if the queue gets too long. But what’s worse than having to spend hours at the doors checking in your attendees with papers and spreadsheets. Having the appropriate resources can help you manage your event effectively. Attendees can check-in your event using the unique QR code they received during the registration. This will smoother your check-in process while providing a great experience for your attendees. 

Paperless registration & scan check in

Paperless Registration

With the unique QR codes for each attendee, you can automate and simplify your entire registration process. Your costs will also be significantly reduced without having to print so many sheets of papers and spreadsheets. 

Faster Check In

Faster Check-in Process

Your attendees would probably take only a minute to scan their QR codes and have their name badges printed. That said, you don’t even have get extra manpower to control the crowd because there is likely to be no queue for the registration. Your manpower can just be there to facilitate the process. Furthermore, you can also save the troubles of running from table to table just to check the attendance for a particular attendee because the data will be synced across all the check-in kiosks. In other words, you will have live updates about the attendance. 

Create your unique QR code

Customized QR Codes.


 Customized your unique QR Codes.

 Your QR code does not have to be standard black and white in order to be scanned. You can embed multiple colors and apply a color gradient without affecting scan ability. The only rule of thumb is that the code color should generally be dark and placed against a light-colored background. 

QR code wristband


QR Code wristbands are the highest level of security, compared to tyvek, vinyl, plastic or silicone wristbands, using high quality plastic slide locks or metal fastener to make them amazingly secure. 

 Specification: 40x25mm